One more successful myworld motivational seminar last night. Full house event with 100+ attendees at Novus City Hotel in Athens Greece. The most important win last night was the fact that the audience even the ones who had knowledge and experience with cryptocurrencies appreciated our analysis and gained extra technical knowledge. Thank you all so much. See you all in our next Crypto Basics event in January.

On Saturday 8/12/2018 at Greek Trader’s Trading Club in Athens Greece the 1st Crypto Basics Presentation took place. Mr.John Aslanis presented the Crypto Basics Workshop, Mr. Dimitris Litsikakis Country Manager of Revolut presented the company as a guest of honor and Mr.Andreas Kordas founder of Greek Trader and Treading Club analyzed the value of technical analysis in traditional and crypto currency trading.

Thank you all for your interest to participate in our Crypto Basics workshop this coming Saturday in Athens Greece. All seats booked for both our free session as well as our 3 hour workshop. We are going to plan a back to back event for all those who will not have the opportunity to attend our first event. Those who will be there will have the opportunity to see our 1 hour free presentation about the blockchain and a second session on technical analysis and trading. Looking forward to seeing you all soon.!


Full house and great success for our Crypto Basics Presentation during the myworld motivational seminar this Wednesday in Hotel Nikopolis Thessaloniki. 100+ attendees had the opportunity to learn for the first time everything they needed to know so they can look into this opportunity with clarity and confidence.Thank you so much for the invitation. See you all in Athens. 

Great moments for one more year at TEDxChania. Unique speakers and a lot of life lessons for the audience. We had the great honor to organize the Crypto Basics workshop during the event and all participants had the opportunity for a first introduction to the blockchain and the basics of digital currencies.

Dear Friends,

It with great pleasure that we are announcing our strategic collaboration with Greek Trader the largest investor community in Greece for educating the public about Stocks Trading and Technical Analysis practices.

Greek Trader serves a community of 5,000 Investors and is the founder of the Greek Trader Trading Club a state of the art space where innovative events and seminars are organized by the Greek Trader Team.

The Strategic Collaboration focuses on the exclusive organization of the Crypto Basics series of workshops in the Greek Traders Trading Club facilities in Athens Greece.

Furthermore 2S Pro Group and the Greek Trader team will work closely together to produce technical analysis reports focused in Cryptocurrencies that will be available to the members of the Greek Trade family.

The launch of the 1st Crypto Basics workshop on 8/12 will be held in Greek Traders Trading Club Facilities in Athens Greece.

Crypto Basics Pro the 1st workshop for new Crypto Enthusiasts launches in Athens on 8/12/2018. The workshop will take place at Novus City Hotel.

Following our successful series of articles at one of the most popular business portals in Greece we decided to repost these articles in their English version starting from LinkedIn this week.

August was a month of intense pressure but also of really important news. The market in the last weeks reached the historical lows for 2018 4 times taking a dip from 300B USD on 26/7 to 187B USD on 12/9.

Τhe resistance of the market was tested in this limit. The market movement is directly connected to the price movement of Bitcoin which also tested the limits of 6000 USD 4 times at the same period, but until now it always bounced back.

Bitcoin became a shelter for all small retail investors reaching a market dominance of 57%. This led the rest of the alt-coins to a price compression cycle.

Two remarkable facts drew our attention during the last two months:

1) On 22/8 the price of Bitcoin went up by 300 USD in just a minute when the BitMex exchange went offline for maintenance and

2) The market showed remarkable stability on the same day when the SEC rejected all 9 ETF BTC applications.

One more remarkable fact that we noticed was the dip of the Bitcoin price on 5/9 from 7382 USD to 6414 USD in just a day without any bad or negative news around but something else may have played a crucial role in this dip.

The SilkRoad wallet (the marketplace which was used for sales of illegal products on the dark web) went back online after 4 years and it transferred 111.000 BTC and BCH in 80 smaller wallets.

These facts all lead to one conclusion.

The market is still being manipulated by specific players and its course does not actually depend very much on the news that are being spread by relevant or irrelevant sources.

Another important factor is that specific people or companies which participated in this market before 2015, own big amounts of Bitcoin and other altcoins and even today they could massively sell off with huge gains despite the fact that the market is testing its lower levels in 2018, but in comparison to September of 2015, it is up 4731%.

As long as massive capital does not enter this market and people that are interested in investing in digital assets do not participate, the volatility will be intense and the market will remain very vulnerable towards the mood of whale investors.

Let’s focus now on the news of the last weeks as well as on the timetable of the events which will come till the end of 2018 and during2019.

On 30/9 the SEC will announce its decision about approving or delaying till 27/2 the VanEck/SolidX ETF application. This particular ETF has a high possibility of being approved in comparison to all the other applications that were rejected till today.This of course does not mean that it will definitely be approved now. The SEC board is currently changing the members of the board and the new persons coming in are very positive towards crypto.

In November the Bakkt platform will start its operation. This platform is owned by the Intercontinental Exchange(ICE) and is supported by Microsoft and StarBucks.

Bakkt through Microsoft’s Cloud Solutions will give immediate access to consumers and small investors to buying and storing cryptocurrencies in a simple way.

At the end of August, an anonymous source inside NASDAQ told the ICO JOURNAL that it is very likely that they will create their own cryptocurrency exchange in the second quarter of 2019.

Analyzing these facts we see that the market is going through a phase of evolution which is preparing it for the entry of the big institutional investors which will in no way enter this market without a framework of strict rules and limited price volatility.

Only time will tell when this is going to happen eventually and maybe 2019 will become the year of the transition to a more mature market in which only digital assets with real market use and sustainable technology will survive.

Our posts are not financial or investment advice and are written only for informative purposes.

We will back at the end of the month to examine the market trend after the SEC ETF decision on 30/9.